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Terms & Conditions

1. Rent once paid is not refundable under any circumstances

2. The Deposit Amount will refund after 21 Working days once the car return.

3. AED 5 will be charged to every SALIK.

4. Car equipment like extinguisher, medical kit, Hazard triangle and Toolkit missed from the car while return, the hirer should pay AED 200 per equipment.

5. Key lost charges are 1500 AED.

6. All our cars are nonsmoking. Smoking penalty is AED 500.

7. Rent Payment collection charges are AED 50 minimum.

8. Pick up/drop from office location is free. Desired location Car pickup charges are up till AED 100 (24 hours prior booking) AED 200 for same day pickups (minimum 3 hours prior closing time). Late night Pickup is available. Conditions applied.

9. Road Side Assistance can be purchased in advance, otherwise in case of flat tire or car recovery will be charged AED 200 to AED 350 depending on the location.

10. The car must be returned in clean condition AED 150 will be charged in case the car is returned in dirty condition. Car must have minimum 20% tank fuel. AED 20 in case of short fuel, it will be deducted from Deposit Amount.

11. Hirer is allowed to use 200 km (125 mails) per day and additional 50 fills per km will be paid by the hirer. Car is for use within UAE and off-road usage is not allowed unless until Written permission is obtained from Atlanta Car Rental.

12. The vehicle insurance coverage is for UAE.  Vehicle is to be driven by the hirer only, in any circumstances if the vehicle is driven by any non-agreement party and caused accident and in which the insurance company rejects the claim the main hirer will pay all the claim amounts.

13. Additional driver insurance must be prepaid prior to usage. Insurance is not valid otherwise.

14. The hirer is liable to pay AED 2000 as insurance excess amount in case of his fault or a damaged caused to the Car by unknown party. The hirer is liable to pay 30% of the car value in case of hirer fault resulting in case to be Declared as total loss. Insurance is not valid in case the rent is not paid in advance or driver name not mentioned in agreement. The Hirer will pay full repair cost + garage rent + 10% of new car value in such case.

15. The minor scratches small dents in case of non CDW purchased hirer, it will chargeable depend of the condition of the car the minimum charge will be AED 350 or higher. The hirer purchases the CDW must have to be submitted police report.

16. In case of any outstanding dues, Atlanta Car rental will not close the rental agreement in TARS or in any system until the amount is settled and the rent will continue in such case. All legal charges to be paid by the hirer in all nonpayment legal proceedings.

17. In the event of nonpayment or late payment by hirer discount offer will be revoked and per day rental charges will be applied. Atlanta Car Rental LLC will deduct AED 50/day as late payment charges; it will be deducted from deposit.

18. Any accident or damage, scratches to the vehicle hirer must submit all required papers   from the police/court to claim from the insurance company.

19. Hirer is bound to pay all the traffic fines during his usage and must be paid within 2 days. If Atlanta Car Rental LLC pays the fine, extra AED 60/per fine will be charged as admin charges. Admin fee and fines with black point must be paid within the 48 hours of fine accordingly.  Delaying a black point fine will cost the Customers AED 100 day after the 3rd day of fine.

 20. Fine amount will be refundable after 1 month from date of car return date. Original receipt of fine deposit is mandatory to be submitted in order to get the refund. No refund will be processed if original Receipt is not provided. vehicle will be off hire if car has a new damage, scratches, proper police report is to be submitted is mandatory. The contract will be closed upon full settlement of rental agreement, fines, scratches, and damages amounts. In case of nonpayment contract shall remain running until all dues are settled even vehicle is returned to Atlanta Car Rental LLC.

21. Hirer must be confirmed that vehicle delivered by the company is in good condition according to the attached checklist and the hirer undertakes to keep sufficient water and oil in the vehicle. The vehicle should be brought for regular maintenance & periodical services to the office, failure, or negligence to do so penalty of AED 1000 will be charged along with cost of damage of affected Parts and repair if required.

22. Inform police if any accident occurs. Any accident that might occur during the influence of alcohol or drugs hirer will bound to pay full for any losses and damages.

23. Hirer is responsible for any complaint, police case, traffic, offences, or any obligation regarding the vehicle if he uses the vehicle transport any forbidden items that considers as illegal as per any of the UAE law. Hirer should also pay the full amount of contract until an agreement is made between him and Atlanta Car Rental LLC. The hirer is responsible to pay the rent for entire period if car impounded by the police or held by the court in case of accident or violation plus admin charges.

24. In case any mechanical issues that occur to the vehicle, hirer should stop the vehicle & park at the proper parking place and must inform the Atlanta Car Rental LLC asap, Hirer is responsible for negligence of any issues if car driven after accident in which engine is damage, hirer must pay all cost of repair.

25. Self-repair of the vehicle is not allowed.  if repairs the vehicle without written permission from the Atlanta Car Rental LLC, Penalty of AED 2000 or higher will be charged with depends on vehicle category.

26. Atlanta Car Rental LLC will not responsible for any belonging left in the car by customer.

27. If hirer wants security deposit to be refunded in bank account, transaction charges will be deducted from the deposit. If hirer does not collect the deposit with in the period of 6 months after returning the vehicle ATLANTA CAR RENTAL LLC will not be liable for returning the deposit.

28. Above Terms & Conditions Are Bilingual However in event of dispute where both languages interpret or different meaning of the same clause. the meaning of the clause in English only will be considered as final.

29. 5% VAT will be added on all the amounts mentioned above.